One Brand: Nationwide
Allied and Harleysville are now Nationwide!

We're Now United Under One Brand

After several years operating as standalone brands, Allied Insurance and Harleysville Insurance have changed to become Nationwide.


What the name change means for you

The most significant change you'll see is that your policies and other documents, like bills and account statements, will begin to feature the Nationwide name and logo. We don't want you to miss any important documents, so be sure to watch for the Nationwide brand on correspondence from us in the future. Your agent relationship, price, policy features and underwriting company will not change as a result of the brand name change.


Service and coverage won't change

You will continue to enjoy the same level of coverage and service that you've come to expect as part of the Nationwide family of companies. And we'll continue to work to help improve your Nationwide experience. Please continue to service your policy online or by contacting your insurance professional.

Remember: Only our brands are changing. Our commitment to our members never will.


Why become one brand?

Over the years, Nationwide had dozens of affiliated companies, including companies operating under the Allied Insurance and Harleysville Insurance brands.

Although Nationwide serves members across the country, customers in some areas may not be aware of all our offerings because our affiliates have used multiple brands.

Now, we're uniting under our most recognizable brand - Nationwide. This change will make it easier for you to find us for your insurance and financial services needs.


We offer strength, stability and more

You are part of one of the largest and strongest diversified insurance and financial services organizations in the country. Nationwide is a Fortune 100® company that has been providing On Your Side® service since 1925. We began as a small mutual auto insurer more than 85 years ago.

Today, we have $195.2 billion in assets, 33,000 associates and provide a full range of insurance and financial services, including:



We will continue to offer products and services to fit your needs, and always keep customer service at the heart of what we do. You can expect us to answer your questions, offer experienced and honest advice, and serve as your advocate.

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition to one brand, please contact your insurance professional.

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