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Earn an anti-theft device car insurance discount

Here’s a heads-up for car owners: According to the FBI, a car is stolen in the U.S. every 42 seconds. Roughly 750,000 vehicles, worth an estimated $4.5 billion, were reported stolen in 2010. Whether your stolen car is recovered or not, dealing with the theft is a frustrating, time-consuming experience.

It’s worth taking a few steps to protect your car from theft. You may even be able to  get a discount on your car insurance in some states for having an anti-theft device in your vehicle.

How our anti-theft discount works

In some states, Nationwide offers anti-theft device discounts for factory-installed deterrents, and in some states, you can get a discount for devices that are installed after you purchase your car. Savings vary based on the type of device installed and the state where you garage your vehicle.

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