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Shawn Fisher: Gaining trust his top objective

Shawn Fisher

When someone is living through a life-altering event, they want to know that the person helping them fully understands what they need. Nationwide member Kim Volesky recently wrote in praise of claims adjuster Shawn Fisher for doing exactly that after a tree damaged her home.

Filing a claim while trying to process the situation felt daunting to Kim. But Shawn's compassion let her know he cared about helping her get her life and home back in order. His diligence and attention to detail put her at ease.

“Through all the chaos [Shawn] continued to guide me through the steps of putting my water-logged and crushed house back together,” Kim says. “He did an amazing job processing my claim.”

As a college student looking for a job, Shawn didn’t know what it meant to be a claims adjuster, but he applied for the position anyway. As it turns out, it’s a job he was born to do.

“I didn’t even know this job existed,” says Fisher, who is based in Grimes, Iowa. “But I’ve been doing it since 1999.”

He’s learned a lot since then, of course, such as how empathy is one of his greatest assets. And gaining trust is his number one objective with each member.

“Every person and every claim is different, so you have to really tailor how you interact with them and how you handle the claim,” he says. “When I go out to meet someone for the first time, they don’t know who I am; they just know I’m from Nationwide. I have to be able to prove to them that I’m someone they can trust.”

There when you need him

Building that trust comes not just from what he says, but from what he does and how he listens. Shawn’s confidence, calmness and patience let Kim know she’s important and that her concerns were being addressed.

“He answered all my questions, and was very friendly and helpful throughout the process,” Kim says. 

Shawn knows that significant property damage can be devastating.

“Most people have never been through it before, so it’s important that they know we’re there to assist them,” he says.

Listening to people tell their story is important, he adds, because it helps them work through some of the emotions surrounding their situation. It also gives him a better idea of who they are and what's most important to them. 

Members, communication and caring

Shawn has mastered knowing how to explain what a member can expect. Investing time up front in each individual is crucial because it lets him know what their concerns are, including whether more explanation is needed regarding the claims handling process.

He also has found that following up and making sure the member understands the next steps helps the process run more smoothly and makes the member feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

“Whether it’s in writing, by phone, or face-to-face, sometimes it might take three or four times after the event for them to really understand [the process]. That’s something we just have to be patient with; they haven’t been through this before, and we do it every day.” 

Shawn Fisher at home

The value of being proactive

One key attribute of a great claims adjuster is to be proactive, and Fisher places great value on this quality. 

“When we get a loss, there is a laundry list of items that need to happen, things the member probably isn’t going to be aware of,” he says. “We’re able to help people get on track and start taking care of those things.”

“Working with members is very rewarding,” he says. “I always tell them we are going through a tunnel together, and there is always a light at the end. For some it’s a long tunnel, and for others it’s short. 

“But they aren’t alone and it’s not just their tunnel. We’re going to get through this together.”

Learn more about how Nationwide, and claims adjusters like Shawn, take the On Your Side® Pledge to put customer service at the heart of what they do.

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