ATV safety tips
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atv safety

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are often used on the farm or ranch to haul supplies or get to the field. But ATVs often serve another purpose: recreation.

Sure, tooling around on an agile ATV can be fun, but it's important that your family members know and follow basic ATV safety precautions whether using the ATV for work or play. Also important to remember: most farm policies don’t cover liability for off-premises recreational use of an ATV.

Basic ATV safety

Common sense goes a long way when it comes to safety with ATVs. Parents should determine each family member's readiness to ride on an ATV, and all family members should follow the ATV Safety Institute's Golden Rules:

ATV safety for kids

The ATV Safety Institute recommends that you always supervise riders younger than 16, and that kids use an ATV that’s right for their age:

ATVs off-premises

If you or your family ride your ATV(s) off your property, let your insurance agent know how you use these vehicles. The AgriChoice® policy from Nationwide can be endorsed to cover liability for off-premises recreational use of an ATV. Without that endorsement, most policies limit coverage to use only on your property.

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