Bad Weather Driving
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Help Teens Drive Better in Bad Weather

Teens can have enough trouble with ordinary driving situations. Bad weather can make things even more difficult. Teach your teen the following approaches to driving in bad weather and handling skids and hydroplaning.


You can prevent skidding in bad weather by driving slowly and carefully – especially on curves. Try these tips:


Hydroplaning is when your car slides on a thin layer of water between your tires and the road. Hydroplaning can cause you to lose contact with the road surface, skid or drift out of your lane or off the road completely.

To avoid hydroplaning, you should:

If you find yourself hydroplaning, do not brake or turn suddenly. Ease your foot off the gas until the car slows and you can feel the road again. If you need to brake, do it gently with light pumping actions. If your car has anti-lock brakes, just brake normally; the car's computer will use a pumping action when necessary.

A smart driver adjusts his or her speed to the wet road to avoid skids and hydroplaning. Teach your teen about preventing skids and hydroplaning. Remind them of these techniques whenever you are driving together in bad weather.

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