Overdraft Protection
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Get Overdraft Protection by Linking Your Checking Account to a Savings or Money Market Account

Bank overdraft protection can save you time, money and the potential hassle (and embarrassment) of an unpaid check. If you happen to exceed your balance, we will withdraw funds from your linked savings account to cover the overdraft. There is a $5 fee for this transfer, which is far less than the fees and penalties for an overdrawn account. It’s a great safety net for your money.

The fee is assessed per day. For example, if you overdraw your account on three occasions in a single day, there will be one $5 bank overdraft fee charged. However, if you overdraw your account on three different days, there will be three separate $5 fees charged.

Setting up bank overdraft protection is easy

To add overdraft protection to your Nationwide Bank® checking account, you will need to link a savings or money market account to your checking account. You can also get overdraft protection if you have a Nationwide Restoration® Checking account, which is an account to hold the money you receive from an insurance claim.

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