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Understanding barn insurance

barn insurance

An important part of your farm property insurance policy is the protection it provides for covered damage to your barns and other farm buildings. Your farm and ranch structures must be listed on your policy to be covered.

Barn coverage includes protection for:

Be sure to talk to your agent about:

Under certain conditions, AgriChoice® may provide coverage for collapsed structures. Your policy explains the conditions and causes of loss for which a collapse would be covered.

If you add a new barn or other building to your property, talk to your agent to make sure the structure is properly insured. AgriChoice provides $100,000 in coverage for new construction for a period of 60 days beginning at the delivery of building materials.

AgriChoice also offers coverage for equipment breakdown and mechanical failure of fixtures or systems built into barns or other farm or ranch structures. For example, milking parlors, bulk tanks and other equipment attached to a dairy barn would be covered for mechanical breakdown, up to the limits of your policy. Be sure that your agent is aware of the values of all fixtures, systems and equipment associated with your barns or other structures.

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