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Nationwide Is the Official Auto and Boat Insurance Provider of B.A.S.S. Members

Nationwide recognizes the importance of groups that bring people together to celebrate common interests. We also recognize that there’s no better way to give you outstanding service than to partner with the organizations that are close to your heart.

Nationwide and BASS

As a B.A.S.S. member, you know the value of protection and conservation. So does Nationwide. It's our job to protect you and our nature to save you money, so you can spend more time on the water.

Partnering with institutions that bring members exclusive benefits for a variety of products and services is just another way to improve the member experience. Partnering with Nationwide Insurance allows B.A.S.S. to reward its more than 500,000 members with quality insurance at special rates not available to the general public.

Thank you for considering Nationwide, and for supporting B.A.S.S. Your dedication makes a difference. You are helping the worldwide authority on bass fishing support its goals of having an honorable tournament trail, improving the environment and securing a future for our youth. For everything you need to stay connected to your sport, visit B.A.S.S. online.

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