When to Buy Items for Your Home
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Best Times to Buy Items for Your Home

There are great deals throughout the year if you know the best times to buy specific items. Look for deep discounts at the end of each season, just before new models are introduced and during traditional sales events like January white sales. You may not always get the newest products on the market, but you will definitely get money-saving bargains.

For deep discounts on big ticket and home improvement items, here are some of the best times to buy:

When is the best time to buy a house?

While May and June are the the best months to sell a home, the best times to buy are October, December, January and July1. The reason is simple. By July, homebuyers have made their decisions and are preparing for a new school year at a new location. In October, parents are reluctant for their children to change schools mid-semester. Sellers who keep their homes on the market during the November and December holidays tend to be motivated sellers. Knowing these trends helps buyers negotiate the lowest home prices of the year.

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