Whether your farm or ranch has been around for several generations or you’re a first-generation farmer, we’re here to help you plan what happens to your operation after you’re gone.

We’ll help you with farm transition planning


We'll walk you through the 5 key elements of transition planning.

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We'll help you identify important points of discussion and prioritize your goals.

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Combined with key elements, our transition planning solutions include Nationwide financial products.

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Land As Your Legacy videos

Key elements

Watch a short video that walks you through the 5 key elements of transition planning.


Watch what some farm families have to say about the Land As Your Legacy program.

Program overview

Watch this video from Don Schrieber, emeritus director of the Land As Your Legacy program.

Tools & resources

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Annie’s Project

We’re a proud sponsor of Annie’s Project, bringing financial and business education programs to women in agribusiness.

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