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Business Solutions Center Digital Assistant

Get personalized insights on running your small business using Intuit’s QuickBooks.

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Get insights to improve your small business

Get insights to improve your small business

Being integrated with QuickBooks means we understand your day-to-day business needs. Using an interface that’s just as easy as chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you can get tailored information on accounting, HR, insurance, marketing and other small business topics.

Examples of the types of questions to ask the Digital Assistant include:

  • What types of insurance policies do businesses like mine have? 
  • When should I offer employee benefits? 
  • What options do I have for financing a business? 
  • How can I use social media to market my business?

Put our Digital Assistant to work for you

The Business Solutions Center Digital Assistant app is available to all QuickBooks users.

Go to the QuickBooks App Store to download Nationwide’s Business Solutions Center Digital Assistant app.

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With your permission, the Digital Assistant uses your profile and your company’s profile to personalize the experience.

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Through continuous interactions and past conversations, your Digital Assistant will attempt to lead you to the most useful answers to your small business questions.

Don’t have QuickBooks? or Learn more about plans & pricing and how it works at quickbooks.intuit.com/.

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