As health care costs continue to spiral upward, many employers and employees have found effective savings with high deductible health plans that feature lower premiums. This may be a good way to keep costs down in general, but unfortunately, many people don’t have enough savings for the out-of-pocket costs if an accidental injury forces them to get medical care before they've met their annual deductible. That can create a real, unexpected hardship.

Accidental injury insurance from Nationwide Employee Benefits® has a solution for this.

Accident Ca$hBack delivers

Our affordable, Accident Ca$hBack injury insurance can help you and your employees bridge the gap between an emergency situation and the financial impact of a high deductible.

If your employee has an accident, they fill out a simple claim form and submit it with an itemized copy of their bill(s).

Employees can have both a Health Savings Account and Accident Ca$hBack coverage.1

Depending on the plan you choose, Accident Ca$hBack may cost as little as a few dollars per week for each employee.

What are the benefits of an Accident Ca$hBack plan?

Unlike many other supplemental accident products, Accident Ca$hBack does not pay on a “schedule,” where payment is based on the type of injury.

Reimbursement payments are sent directly to your employee, instead of their health care provider. Your employee may use the payment to cover their deductible, any injury-related bills, or however they choose to spend it.

Who's eligible to participate?


Employers with 2 or more eligible employees


Employees who are U.S. residents between 18 and 70 years old


Employees actively at work at least 25 hours a week

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[1] Ca$hBack plans may constitute “permitted insurance” under the IRS guidelines for Qualified HDHP and HSAs. As with any related tax issue, please consult a qualified legal or tax professional for specific guidance.

Products are not available in all states. The benefits outlined here are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a proposal for coverage. Limitations and exclusions apply. Additional plan options are available with underwriting approval.