Your life just got simpler! If you’re looking for affordable employee benefits for your clients, Nationwide offers a smart way to enhance their benefits package.

Quoting and enrolling is made fast and easy with our dedicated sales and service specialists to help support you and your clients through the process.

Here are the plans we offer

Nationwide has a wide range of group insurance products for businesses with two to 50 employees — available as fully employer-paid, fully employee-paid (voluntary), or employer-employee cost share:

It provides your employees and their families coverage that can help with final expenses, daily financial obligations or a child’s education.

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It’s an essential part of a comprehensive benefits package. Given the direct link between dental care and overall health, it can be a valuable wellness benefit to your organization.

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It provides coverage for annual exams and helps pay for vision correction lenses: contacts or glasses with their accompanying frames.

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Our affordable, easy-to-use accident Ca$hBack insurance can help employees bridge the gap between an emergency and the financial impact of a high deductible. Hospital Ca$hBack is supplemental insurance that helps employees offset health plan deductibles and co-insurance costs.

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We offer employers a choice of short-term disability and long-term disability plans to help provide peace of mind for their employees and their families.

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Quotes are simple to do

All you need are three pieces of information about your client:
  • Industry classification (SIC) code
  • ZIP code for business address
  • Premium percentage the employer will contribute

Eligibility and premium contribution requirements

Eligible employees
  • Employees who are actively at work at least 30 hours per week
  • 1099 employees are not eligible
Premium contribution
  • 100% employer paid to 100% employee paid
  • If an employee is required to pay any premium, at least five employees must enroll
  • If employer paid, two employees must enroll
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