Nationwide® offers a proactive retirement outlook for participants that is simple, intuitive, holistic and perhaps best of all, immediately actionable. By logging on to their retirement plan account, clicking My Interactive Retirement PlannerSM and answering a few questions, participants can see their Retirement Readiness outlook.

The Planner delivers immediate and ongoing encouragement to help participants stay engaged with their retirement planning through your plan. That can lead to better plan health, more engaged employees and improved retirement outcomes. Employees who use My Interactive Retirement Planner are:

more likely to increase contribution
more likely to call us and engage
more likely to roll external assets into the plan1

The Planner’s new Asset Aggregator feature brings the big picture into focus.

The more information participants provide My Interactive Retirement Planner, the more accurate the Retirement Readiness outlook can be. That’s why the Planner now includes an asset aggregator feature. By linking outside financial accounts, participants can get a more comprehensive outlook.

The Asset Aggregator feature is safe and secure.

All data is encrypted. Neither Nationwide nor the third-party vendor providing the data portal stores user information such as usernames and passwords.

Learning center

For more detailed information about Asset Aggregator, additional resources are provided for you to share with your participants.

If you're looking for answers to the most frequently asked Asset Aggregator questions from participants, this is the file to click.

Watch this video to get an overview of how easy it is to see your entire retirement picture in one location.

1 Nationwide data (2022).

My Interactive Retirement PlannerSM provides a hypothetical compounding example that is for informational purposes and is not intended to predict or project investment results of any specific investment. The potential accuracy of the estimated retirement income is contingent upon the accuracy of the information participants provide. My Interactive Retirement Planner is a service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.