One of the fastest growing areas of crime is fraudulent attempts to obtain retirement distributions. Within the financial industry, there are 10 new fraud attempts every second.1 And in 2022, fraud cost individuals nearly $3.8 billion.2

Nationwide® employs state of the art technology, people and processes to catch and combat fraud, but you and your participants can play an important role in protecting their assets.

Introduce your participants to Nationwide Account Lock

When participants request this extra level of account security, they proactively “lock” their account from distributions until they’re ready to take withdrawals. This service is available at no extra charge and with it, they get:

ShieldEnhanced security that's under their control
LockOptions to lock and unlock when they’re ready
AlertNotification when a distribution is requested while their account is locked
To learn more about Nationwide Account Lock and how you can help promote it to your participants, contact your Nationwide representative.

1New FTC Data Show Consumers Reported Losing Nearly $8.8 Billion to Scams in 2022,” Federal Trade Commission (2023, February 23).
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