GrouProtectorSM accident medical insurance

Protect your group from the financial impact of accidents.

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Administered by K&K Insurance, GrouProtector offers accident medical insurance for your group, event, association, program, club or sports team.

Why have group accident insurance?

Accident medical insurance safeguards your group from medical costs associated with an accidental injury or death that happens during a sponsored group activity.

Whatever the covered sponsored activity, you can get accident medical insurance to fit your needs and budget. Benefits include:

  • Primary (first-to-pay) and excess (next-to-pay) plan options
  • Covered out-of-pocket expenses like prescriptions, deductibles and copays
  • Automatic coverage for all group participants
  • Benefits for accidental death or specific loss, such as loss of limb, sight or hearing
  • The option to pay by check, electronic funds or credit card
GrouProtector quoting is fast and easy

Safeguard your group sport or activity against accidental injury or death of a participant. Watch this short video tutorial to get step-by-step instructions for getting an online quote and applying for Nationwide's GrouProtector Accident Medical Insurance.

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