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Celebrate national dairy month by creating a safe dairy operation

national dairy month

This June, dairy leaders, farmers and communities from across America will celebrate National Dairy Month. What began 76 years ago as a way to stabilize dairy demand when production was at a surplus, has evolved into an annual traditional of celebrating the important contributions of the dairy industry. 

While we take time to honor the dairy producers in our communities, Nationwide encourages producers to mark the occasion by considering the safety of their operations. 

"Dairy workers can have a high injury rate," says Jerry Hillard, AVP of Farm Sales, Nationwide, Des Moines, IA. "Taking proper precautions can prevent many accidents. And that can have a bottom-line impact."

By working as a partner with your farm insurance agent, we can help prevent many accidents from happening. Nationwide Agribusiness provides a checklist to help dairy farmers think through risks and exposures. The checklist covers:

To get you started, here are a few safety tips from each category:

Buildings and structures

Animal facilities


Fire protection


Machinery/Farm equipment

Creating more safety on your dairy operation is really something to celebrate during National Dairy Month! For more safety information for your dairy, talk to your Nationwide Agribusiness farm agent.

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