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What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

At Nationwide, we know what your classic car means to you. Whether you bought your beauty in mint condition or spent years fixing it up until it was just right, your classic deserves the best classic car coverage out there. Nationwide has teamed up with Hagerty, the leader in classic car insurance, to provide coverage for your vintage vehicle. But how exactly does classic car insurance work? Learn what is (and isn’t) covered with this helpful guide to classic vehicle insurance.

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What is covered under a classic car insurance policy?

Although classic cars aren’t for daily use, accidents can still happen. Whether it’s a collision with another vehicle or another object, your classic car policy may reimburse you for the damages.

In the unfortunate event that your classic car is stolen, Nationwide collector car insurance can cover you for the full amount specified on your policy.

Other Damage
Unexpected damage such as fire and vandalism may be covered under your vintage car insurance policy as well.

Features of Nationwide & Hagerty Classic Car Policies

Here are a few perks of having a classic car insurance policy from Nationwide and Hagerty:

Guaranteed Value (Agreed Value Car Insurance)

With agreed value car insurance, there are no surprises or disputes over the vehicle value. Policies are guaranteed to pay the full insured amount for the vehicle in the event of a covered total loss; there is no depreciation on partial losses and members will receive the previously agreed upon or “guaranteed” value for total losses.1 Guaranteed or Agreed valuation car insurance differs from a standard auto policy, which would pay the lesser of the Stated Value or Actual Cash Value, minus the deductible. This eliminates the potential for most out of pocket expenses.

No mileage limits

There are no fixed mileage limits as part of our classic car coverage – when it comes to pleasure or hobby-related use, your policy allows total freedom.2

Policy terms

Classic car coverage typically lasts for 12 months, with no need for seasonal renewal of your policy.

Low premiums

Because classic and vintage vehicles are not daily-use vehicles, they are less expensive to insure. You can enjoy rates up to 42% lower than standard auto insurance.3

Additional classic car coverage

If you still have questions about how classic car insurance works, reach out to a Nationwide agent near you.

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