Commercial Property Insurance for Farms
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Get Commercial Property Insurance for Your Agribusiness

Nationwide is a leading provider of commercial property insurance to operations along the food, fuel and fiber chains. You can count on us for superior commercial property coverage tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial property insurance covers most financial losses you may experience in the event the physical assets of your business – such as buildings, equipment or outdoor fixtures – are damaged. But before purchasing commercial property insurance coverage, it’s helpful to have a good understanding of the basics.

Commercial property insurance basics

Essentially, commercial property insurance coverage can be defined by what is insured, and the event that leads to a potential loss.

What’s insured

Commercial property insurance coverage safeguards a company’s buildings, contents, equipment, and other real and personal property. This includes:

Typical event coverage

Your policy helps protect you against losses from these events:

Additional event coverage

Also called endorsements, additional coverage can fill in where basic property insurance leaves off. Endorsements cover events such as:

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