Ethics and governance

Honesty and integrity form the cornerstone of our foundation. We accomplish accountability through diversity in leadership, values that promote integrity, ethical conduct, transparency and comprehensive sustainability. Maintaining our values requires our associates to deal fairly with our customers, suppliers, competitors and each other.

Acting with integrity and trust

Updated in 2020 to be more conversational and interactive, Nationwide’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines to help our associates make choices that are in line with our values and our customers’ best interest. And when we partner with our suppliers, we expect them to share our same commitment to ethics and compliance, diversity, equity and inclusion, human rights, environmental sustainability and fair dealing through our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Accountability starts at the top

Our Board of Directors undertakes an annual self-assessment facilitated by an external firm. Policies and procedures ensure independence is maintained, and the Board assesses candidates for re-election when each three-year term ends. The roles of Chair and CEO are separate. As a mutual, incentive structures approved by the Board reward customer satisfaction, retention, value creation and long-term financial strength.

Fairness in all that we do

Since 1976, Nationwide has encouraged associates, retirees and members to voluntarily participate in the political process through our Nationwide Civic Action Program (CAP). CAP events went virtual in 2020, reaching even more associates than in the past. Thirty-two virtual voter informational sessions were held across nine states leading up to the election to help ensure Nationwide associates were prepared to vote.

We’re committed to sustainability

Nationwide’s Board Governance Committee oversees our Corporate Sustainability governance. Our Corporate Sustainability Council is composed of senior members of management who are responsible for our comprehensive sustainability strategy and ensuring the board is fully engaged.

Jacquelin Fernandez

1957 – 2020

Board of Directors, 2017 – 2020

We honor Jacquelin for her leadership on the Board of Directors and for her service and passion for Nationwide’s members and for women in leadership.

Recognized for some of the most diverse boards in the industry

Board of Directors1
25% diverse
31.2% female
Nationwide Funds Board of Trustees1
25% diverse
50% female
1Independent representation as of April 1, 2021