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Peace of mind coverage

Helping to ease the financial stress of health-related out-of-pocket expenses, Nationwide in partnership with Brella created a guaranteed-issue supplemental health insurance policy: Nationwide ProvideSM, which offers coverage of 13,000+ conditions, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, dedicated customer support, claim submission by app or web portal, and claim payment within 72 hours.

This innovative type of insurance works on top of primary health insurance to bridge deductibles or cover unexpected expenses. With Nationwide Provide, we reimagined supplemental health insurance to help ease the financial impact of a wide range of sudden, unexpected medical expenses — all in one plan.

Improving the lives of companions

To increase access to veterinary services with a unified system of care for protection of more pets, we introduced new partnerships with Petco and Adopt a Pet in 2022. Beginning with the country’s first pet health insurance policy to TV’s Lassie 40 years ago, we continue to create new partnerships that add value and convenience for pet members.

“Helping families is why we exist. Regardless of whether we’re covering an emergency surgery or treating a common condition, we strive to provide effortless, personal and reassuring experiences so the family’s focus can remain on the health of their pet.”

— Heidi Sirota, Chief Pet Officer

Flexibility and stability with annuities

Annuities can be complicated, which is why Nationwide is committed to creating flexible solutions that make the complex simpler. Nationwide offers a wide suite of solutions that provide guarantees in retirement. Our product diversity means that Nationwide annuities work in a broad set of scenarios. Nationwide is committed to education through thought leadership; transparency through technology; and strong partnerships with our firms, financial professionals and clients. Nationwide is committed to helping clients retire with dignity and confidence regardless of market conditions.

Financial wellness in retirement

To provide a clearer retirement income picture for plan participants, we enhanced the My Interactive Retirement Planner tool. It offers enhanced calculations that consider tax rates and account for inflation, giving participants a realistic outlook for their retirement. Helping retirement savers visualize how their choices will translate into income, the enhanced tool illustrates how retirement income sources — including outside investments, retirement plan accounts, Social Security benefits and pensions — work together. The tool even highlights years in which there may be a shortfall or surplus of retirement income.

Connecting with our members on a deeper level

Many Spanish-speaking customers now have access to a fully functional Spanish website. From online enrollment to the ability to monitor their retirement account, customers can review account balances, make contributions and withdrawals, and access financial wellness education and tools. Nationwide is improving our customer experiences by providing more members access to extraordinary care through Nationwide products and services.

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“We’ve doubled down on technology investments that increase the capabilities of our associates, allowing them to spend more time helping customers one-on-one.”

— Amy Shore, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Nationwide