Nearly 100 years of growth
toward a sustainable future

To date, we have provided funding to more than 4,000 organizations to help communities meet basic needs, protect our environment, and foster a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world.


Before driver’s education or driver’s licenses existed, Nationwide presented to community groups and schools about traffic safety.


Peoples Development Corp. was established to provide low-cost housing in a family-friendly environment.


Nationwide introduced mutual funds and annuities to supplement life insurance products owned by middle-aged customers who weren’t receiving sufficient returns on their life insurance policies.


Nationwide organized Approved Finance Inc. to provide low-cost auto loans.


Nationwide’s traffic safety presentations had been given to more than 2 million teenagers by this year.


One of our founders and CEO, Murray D. Lincoln, leader of the cooperative movement, established the Nationwide Foundation.


Nationwide formed the industry’s first all-female sales district in Philadelphia.


Nationwide established an Energy Committee to implement more energy-efficient practices.


Nationwide testified in favor of airbags at a hearing by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.


Nationwide endorsed an Ohio Senate anti-drunken driving bill allowing officers to seize driver’s licenses of first-time violators on the spot.


Nationwide established a training program called “Diversity Matters” to help managers recognize and deal with diversity issues and train their employees to do the same.


Nationwide built the nation’s first full-time corporate blood donation site in the American Red Cross system.


The Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center opened as the first campus building for 4-H in the United States.


Nationwide introduced SmartRide® to reward safe driving habits.


Nationwide and The Ohio State University partnered on a water conservation research project on the farm of Nationwide board member Terry McClure.


The Green Team associate resource group was formed to conserve natural resources and reduce our corporate and personal impact on the environment.


The Ohio State University’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex, of which the Nationwide Foundation was a foundational supporter, opened in September.

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Making an impact

We partner with organizations that create lasting change in our communities.

Creating change
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Making an impact

We partner with organizations that create lasting change in our communities.

Creating change