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When considering long-term care planning for your future, you'll probably have some specific questions about coverage. For example, "Am I eligible?"

To ensure your long-term care coverage will provide you with the best care possible, be sure to consider whether it offers the qualified services you need: 12

12. Before the insured is eligible to receive long-term care benefits, they must first establish a plan of care as instructed by a licensed health care practitioner.

Indemnity style vs. reimbursement benefits

The policy you choose can affect how much control you have in receiving your benefits.


Full monthly payment sent directly to policy owner

Generally no monthly bills or receipts to collect13

Benefits not needed for LTC expenses can be used for any purpose


You are reimbused the lesser of your monthly benefit amount OR your LTC costs — no excess

Facility may be able to bill insurance company directly for the qualifying expenses

Insured has to pay non-qualifying charges out of pocket

13. Please note that while bills and receipts are not required to collect monthly benefits, some paperwork will be necessary to establish the initial claim.

Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit

Even if you use all of your benefits on long-term care, you still can leave money to your family and loved ones. Guaranteed. This is money they can use to pay for final expenses and any other financial burdens or leave as a small legacy to their loved ones.

No "use it or lose it" risk

Money that you put into the right long-term care product will not be lost, even if you don't need it for long-term care costs.

Unlike traditional auto or home insurance policies, the right coverage can help to ensure any and all money you put into your long-term care policy will not go to waste whether you use it or not. Unused funds will go directly to your loved ones through the receipt of a death benefit. Some plans even add additional flexibility by offering return of premium options.

Coverage for all qualified services

You may want to consider a policy that offers a variety of qualified LTC services. Whether these qualified services are currently available today or those that will evolve in the future.