Automation testing

Automated tools and testing are a quick and easy way to incorporate accessibility testing into web and mobile development processes. Automated accessibility testing tools come in the form of browser extensions or can be built into CI/CD pipelines. The tool returns detailed information on accessibility violations and how to fix them, complete with links to more in-depth information. These tools can typically identify anywhere from 30-50% of accessibility defects typically present on web content but should always be accompanied by manual accessibility testing for a full picture on the accessibility of your web and mobile pages and applications.

At Nationwide, we utilize a scanning tool as part of a review process to ensure our sites’ health. There are two standard automation tools you should have: axe plugin (for Chrome or Firefox) and axe monitor. The open source axe plugin is the easiest tool to use to get started. Please download them using the links below.

Using axe Plugin

axe Plugin (for Google Chrome)
axe Plugin (for Microsoft Edge)

To quickly scan your site, follow these steps:

  1. Press F12 to open the developer toolbar. Within the developer toolbar, click on axe.
  2. Click on Analyze
  3. In the drop-down, choose Violations
  4. Use the highlight tool to identify the issue within the web page. Use Inspect Node to jump to the code.
  5. Follow the instructions on how to address the issue. If the instructions are too vague, click on the Learn more button to get more information.

Using Linters in VSCode

There are two accessibility linters available within Visual Studio Code .

axe Accessibility Runner and SonarLint checks the accessibility of code during the development process.

If accessibility issues are identified, a red line will appear under the code with details on the issue and instructions on how to fix the issue.

Using axe Monitor

If you are a Nationwide associate and would like to get access to the enterprise accessibility monitoring tool , follow the steps below or contact our team.

  1. Login with your Nationwide short name and password (this will add you to the database as a new user). You may need to request access for a specific scan.
  2. Email with any questions; please expect a response time within one business-day.