What's next?

Keep in mind that accessibility is a journey and not a destination, the goal of this journey is to enable all users to have the best digital experience. Here are some quick steps for you to have a successful journey.

To determine what's next for you, select the group that may apply to you.

  1. Learn about role based training
  2. Install the tools needed to help build and test inclusive digital products
  3. Ask questions, Nationwide Digital Accessibility Team is here to help you learn and prioritize so you can adopt accessibility best practices effectively
  4. Use accessible UX components library to give you a head start
  5. Integrate accessibility checkpoints throughout the process (design, code, test and release). Contact us if you have questions
  1. Take inventory of digital assets that you are responsible for
  2. Learn about role based training
  3. Include accessibility requirements when working with vendors
  4. Include all personas when building new products/features/services