Current state of your client relationships

Number 1
I can articulate my clients’ vision of a “good retirement” above and beyond dollars and cents.
Number 2
I can articulate the history of my clients’ money: how they built and maintain their wealth.
Number 3
I can articulate my clients’ worries about (and hopes for) each of their beneficiaries.
Number 4
I feel confident having legacy planning discussions with my clients and their immediate circle.

Tackling tough conversations

Number 5
I think it’s important to discuss my clients’ wishes for where they’ll want to live toward the end of their lives.
Number 6
I think it’s important to discuss my clients’ wishes regarding long-term care and other end-of-life medical issues.
Number 7
I think it’s important to discuss my clients’ values and priorities as part of legacy planning conversations.
Number 8
I’d like to become more comfortable having legacy planning conversations with my clients.

Depth of trust

Number 9
I’ve built relationships and communicate regularly with my clients’ beneficiaries (spouses, children, etc.).
Number 10
I manage the majority of my clients’ assets or am involved in the decisions regarding how these assets should be managed.
Number 11
My clients refer potential clients from within their circle of influence to me.
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Holistic helper

Congratulations! You’re already in close alignment with your clients. But trust is an ongoing journey, and new research suggests that deepening those relationships may be possible.

Our white paper discusses the nuances of trust and may offer you fresh insights into this important element of client relationships.

holistic helper

Opportunity optimizer

You’re a realist but have an open mind. It may be that no clients have initiated legacy planning conversations with you to date, yet those conversations could add value to your client relationships.

Our short paper can help you steer clients to rethinking your role, and viewing you as a trusted partner.

Opportunity optimizer

Idealistic innovator

You get it! You see the value of discussing legacy planning, but it’s hard to get those conversations going. New research reveals insights that can help you increase trust and deepen relationships.

You may be able to achieve more successful legacy planning discussions if you try some of the questions listed on our Conversation Starter.

Idealistic innovator

Eager education-seeker

A tip of the mortarboard to you! You’re a lifelong learner who sees the benefits of including legacy planning in your practice.

We offer resources that can help you feel confident about discussing legacy planning. Start with our insights about trust, as discussed in our white paper.

Eager education-seeker