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CareMatters Benefit Estimator

How CareMatters works

Nationwide CareMatters offers the flexibility to help your clients stay in a familiar environment while receiving long-term care. Use this tool to determine how the long-term care benefit and residual death benefit may fluctuate based on your client's gender, age and premium(s) paid.

Single premium1
2-year benefit
Acceleration of death benefit
4-year benefit
Extension of benefits rider (LTC only)
6-year benefit
Total available for LTC benefits
LTC Benefit:
Residual death benefit (20%): $100,000

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This is a hypothetical example meant to illustrate how Nationwide CareMatters works. The example is based on the information selected above, with couples pricing, receiving benefits for 6 years. Keep in mind that exact dollar amounts will vary based on several different factors, including how much coverage is selected.

1For Single Premium payments, the Return of Premium Value is available starting day one, subject to a vesting schedule. There is a full return of all premium starting in year six. Return of Premium is available on 5 and 10 year payment schedules only after the end of the Premium Payment Period and all Required Premium has been paid (minus any loans or withdrawals).