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Carematters Benefit Estimator

A Look at How Nationwide YourLife Carematters Works

Nationwide YourLife CareMatters is a flexible way to plan for the future. Use our tool to see how long-term care benefits and residual death benefits can fluctuate based on the insured's age and premiums paid.

Single Premium
Return of Premium Feature9
2-Year Benefit
Acceleration of Specified Amount
4-Year Benefit
Extension of Benefits Rider (LTC Only)
LTC Benefit:
6-Year Benefit
Total Available for LTC Benefits

This is a hypothetical example meant to illustrate how Nationwide YourLife CareMatters works. The example is based on the information selected above, with couples pricing, receiving benefits for 6 years. Keep in mind that exact dollar amounts will vary based on several different factors, including how much coverage is selected.
Residual Death Benefit 20% $100,000

9For Single Premium payments, the Return of Premium Value is available starting day one, subject to a vesting schedule. There is a full return of all premium starting in year six. Return of Premium is available on 5 and 10 year payment schedules only after the end of the Premium Payment Period and all Required Premium has been paid (minus any loans or withdrawals).