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Don’t let clients miss

Growth Opportunities

Clients are Afraid of Market Fluctuation

62% of clients are scared of investing in the stock market1

After the last decade of market instability, more clients than ever are shying away from the stock market.


Which Leads to Missed Opportunities

Select which figure below best describes the amount sitting in cash reserves at the end of 2013.

That’s over a 30% increase in cash reserves in 2 years.2
Meanwhile the market grew 44.74%3 and all the money in cash vehicles missed out on this increase.

Despite Their Fears, Clients Recognize the Need for Growth

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In 2013 only
of retirees were very confident about having enough money to live comfortably through retirement.4

Financial Products with Guarantees are More Attractive than Ever

Economic uncertainty is increasing the demand for new investment products that offer guarantees.

50% of American households
would put most of their assets in an investment providing guaranteed income5
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Fixed Indexed Annuities are a Potential Solution

A fixed indexed annuity could be a good fit for market-averse customers since it’s not a stock market investment and doesn’t participate in any stocks or equities. It may offer the potential for growth while protecting against market volatility.

Growth in Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales

2009 Bar
2010 Bar
2011 Bar
2012 Bar
2013 Bar

Data extracted from Wink Sales & Market Reports. Numbers are rounded.

In fact, recent growth in fixed indexed annuity sales shows that advisors like you are already exploring this solution for their clients.

Nationwide offers the Nationwide New Heights® Fixed indexed annuity that allows customers who are concerned with market volatility to invest in a product that offers:

  • Uncapped earnings potential6
  • Competitive payout percentages7
  • Legacy planning opportunities7

Learn more about Nationwide’s New Heights fixed indexed annuities.

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6 New Heights does not cap the amount of index performance used to calculate earnings; however, growth potential may be limited by the crediting factors for each strategy option, including the equity indexed allocation, fixed allocation and the strategy spread. Note: While the crediting factors cannot change during a strategy term, crediting factors for each subsequent strategy term may vary. These limitations may reduce future earnings for your contract. Refer to the summary disclosure or contract for descriptions of the strategy options and crediting factors, how earnings are calculated and credited.
7 Avaialble for an additional cost with optional riders.

Nationwide New Heights is issued by Nationwide Life and Annuity Company, Columbus, Ohio 43215