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Nationwide's Innovation Lab

Refinery 191 is a place where ideas are shaped and transformed into extraordinary solutions.

From our beginnings in 1926 to today, Nationwide® has always been a company inspired by the idea that we can do more together than alone.

Our spirit of innovation endures through Refinery 191.

About Us

At Refinery 191, we constantly monitor trends in the insurance and financial services industry to identify opportunities for innovation within our key areas of focus.

Our goal as a business incubator is to partner with like-minded startups, universities and other companies to co-create innovative solutions.

If you're developing an idea that intersects with our focus areas, we can help by offering access to:

  • Mentoring and tools to accelerate new ideas
  • Deep insurance and regulatory knowledge
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • A diverse suite of insurance products
  • Key relationships across our existing network
  • Nationwide Ventures, our corporate venture capital investment team

We start a strategic partnership with two main objectives: develop technologies and business models to help people protect what matters most, and drive new insights and learning for the benefit of both parties.

Focus Areas

Key areas of focus for building new business models and partnerships include:

Next generation solutions

Changing the way people protect what matters most with insurance, retirement, banking and financial services.


Digitizing business models, engagement, markets, solutions, interactions and connectivity.

Big data, analytics and automation

Enhancing or replacing current business platforms, interactions, and processes to create efficiencies through new breakthroughs in intelligence, automation, and big data and analytics.


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Refinery 191 is located at 191 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215.