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How do I operate the camera?

You may operate the Zoo View camera from a desktop, laptop or tablet computer. Begin by clicking the Control Now button in the lower right-hand corner. A slider at the top of the frame lets you pan side to side. The one on the left controls the view up and down. There's also an option to zoom in or out on the right.

You can also control the camera by clicking anywhere in the live view field. The camera will pan to where you click. You may experience a slight delay when moving the camera around.

Or choose an object you want to focus on and create a box around it. Once you've drawn the box, the camera will automatically go to the frame you've created.


Why do I have to wait?

Since controlling the camera is first-come, first-served, there may be viewers who have it before you. Please be patient. You'll have a chance to take the controls. It'll be worth it!

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Video not playing?

For technical support, please contact HD Relay.