Jack Hanna's Into The Wild | This Emmy-winning TV show follows Jack Hanna and his family. Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown | Jack Hanna brings TV viewers face-to-face with the best of the beasts. Visit the home of more than 9,000 animals representing 650 species from around the globe. Columbus Zoo Members Save! | Call 1-866-633-5747 for an exclusive auto insurance discount.
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Our Partnership

Nationwide, based in Columbus, OH, is a long-time partner of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and a supporter of its world-class experiences and global conservation efforts.

Among major exhibits Nationwide supports is Polar Frontier, in which visitors can view the underwater antics of polar bear sisters Aurora and Anana, and also observe the comings and goings of the Columbus Zoo's popular family of brown bears — Brutus, Buckeye and Ginger.

Nationwide also is sponsor of two popular Saturday morning TV programs, hosted by Columbus Zoo director emeritus Jack Hanna — Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown and Jack Hanna's Into the Wild. Both shows take viewers on exciting and informative excursions into the fascinating animal world around the globe.

Learn more about the partnership between Nationwide and the Columbus Zoo.

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