Employee Assistance Programs

Today's Workers Expect Employee Assistance Programs

Besides meeting the usual everyday demands of the workplace, today's employers must also provide some level of support to employees during critical and potentially overwhelming times. 

That's where Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) come in. Employees have come to expect these programs that address their health, career and lifestyle priorities. And businesses are listening. More than 97% of companies with 5,000+ employees have EAPs and 75% of companies with 252 -1,000 employees have EAPs.1 This also means smaller firms are increasingly expected to offer competitive benefits like EAP services in order to compete for workers.

Employers enjoy reduced claims

A strong EAP promotes better employee productivity and well-being – before problems become an emotional or financial burden.  When EAPs are used, studies reveal the following:

Employers can more efficiently manage health care costs by helping their employees improve their overall well-being with EAPs by reducing worker health care costs, worker absence days and worker turnover following disability leave.

EAPs are more valuable than ever. With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more Americans will be accessing health care benefits in 2014. Employers that offer strong Employee Assistance Programs that engage people in addressing lifestyle issues and workplace stresses will be able to more efficiently manage their costs. 

As more businesses recognize the benefits of EAPs and already offer them to their employees, it is critical to select programs that suit the goals and the culture of the organization. 

Nationwide Employee Benefits® offers the convenience and flexibility of employer and employee benefits designed to suit the unique needs of a wide variety of business owners and their employees. Included with our group life/AD&D and disability insurance plans, EAP services help employees and their household members obtain free and confidential access to extensive work/life resources, including:

In addition, Nationwide Employee Benefits has partnered with On Call International to provide travel assistance protection for group life and disability insurance policyholders. When employees and their household members are traveling for personal or business purposes more than 100 miles from home (for trips up to 90 days), they have access to such services such as:

Nationwide Employee Benefits offers many strategies for solid, customized EAPs for businesses and their employees.

Employee Assistance Program

A strong Employee Assistance Program, included with our group term life/AD&D insurance, promotes better employee productivity and well-being.

Travel Assistance Protection

Nationwide has partnered with On Call International to provide Travel Assistance Protection for group term life/AD&D insurance policyholders.

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