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Offer Accidental Injury Insurance as an Employee Benefit

As health care costs continue to spiral upward, many employers and employees have found effective savings with high deductible health plans that feature lower premiums. This may be a good way to keep costs down in general, but unfortunately many people don’t have enough savings to spare if an accidental injury forces them to get medical care before they've met their annual deductible. That can create a real, unexpected hardship.

Accidental Injury Insurance from Nationwide Employee Benefits® has a solution for this.

Mind the gap, please

Our affordable, easy-to-use Accident Ca$hBack insurance can help employees bridge the gap between an emergency situation and the financial impact of a high deductible. Participanting employees must be U.S. residents between the ages of 18 and 70.

The benefits of Accident Ca$hBack

Accident Ca$hBack pays the reimbursement of covered expenses directly to the employee, instead of their health care provider. This allows the employee to pay their deductible and any injury-related bills – or if the costs aren’t as steep as expected and they have money left over, they can use it in any way they choose.

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