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Offer Accidental Injury Insurance as an Employee Benefit

Many employers and employees have opted for high deductible health plans as a way to help offset rising costs. Unfortunately, many people don’t immediately have enough savings if an accidental injury forces them to seek medical care before they've met their annual deductible.

Nationwide Employee Benefits® provides solutions that can help.

Our affordable, easy-to-use Accident Ca$hBack insurance can bridge the gap between an emergency situation and the financial impact of a high deductible.

Who is eligible to participate in an accident insurance plan?

Participants must meet the following criteria:

What are the benefits of an Accident Ca$hBack plan?

Accident Ca$hBack pays the reimbursement of covered expenses directly to the employee, rather than their health care provider. This allows the employee to use the payment to cover their deductible and any injury-related bills. Or they can use the money however they choose.

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