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Offer Hospital Insurance as an Employee Benefit

With the cost of traditional medical plans continuing to rise, many employers are turning to high deductible health plans to provide a lower monthly out-of-pocket expense. The savings these plans provide each month can be comforting until an injury or illness sends an employee to the emergency room. Unfortunately, many people don’t plan ahead for the sudden need to meet that high deductible.

Nationwide Employee Benefits® provides solutions for people who are financially unprepared for inpatient hospital bills resulting from sudden serious illness and accidental injuries. Our affordable, easy-to-use Hospital Ca$hBack insurance provides the funds employees need to cover the costs associated with deductibles before their insurance benefits kick in.

Who is eligible to participate in a hospital insurance plan?

Participants must meet the following criteria:

What are the benefits of Hospital Ca$hBack insurance?

Per Diem benefits for hospitalization provided by the Hospital Ca$hBack product is paid directly to the employee, rather than the health care provider. This allows the employee to use the payment to cover their deductible and any hospital bills, or however they choose.

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