Engineering consulting services

Engineering consulting is a key part of any risk management program

engineering consulting services

Whether you’re designing a new facility, remodeling or just looking for ways to keep your operation running smoothly, safely and efficiently, consult with Nationwide. Our dedicated risk management services team includes staff qualified in several engineering disciplines.

Property engineering services

When a specific risk or exposure is identified, property engineers can pinpoint areas within your day-to-day functions and facilities that can be modified or improved. Property engineers work closely with claims adjusters and our exclusive network of preferred specialty contractors to offer technical assistance through reconstruction management.

Fire protection engineers

Fire protection engineers can help survey and analyze fire exposures, evaluate fire protection systems and make appropriate recommendations if your business has significant fire exposure and fire suppression system needs. In the unfortunate occurrence of a fire, fire protection engineers also investigate the cause and origin.

Structural engineers

Structural engineers review structural integrity and loss potential of buildings bridges and structures, as well as perform investigations after a loss.

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