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man riding in limousine

The changing landscape of luxury rides

For many decades, the word limousine conjured images a Hollywood stars, business moguls and lives filled with glamour and excitement. Today, though, they’re facing steep competition from transportation network companies (TNC), which are sometimes called rideshare services, as well as a vast array of luxury transportation options in the market.

Man driving while on phone

Current state of distracted driving within the trucking industry

By now we all know that distracted driving is a problem worldwide but why do we continue to do it? Recent data continues to show that distracted driving is trending in the wrong direction.

safety manager

Supercharge your safety culture with a safety manager

For trucking companies, safety should be front and center—and with good reason. Trucking comes with inherent risks, and instilling safety as a core value can help protect drivers and those they share the road with.

Telematics data story

Putting telematics to work to boost safety

Telematics have become mainstream, and it’s no wonder why. This technology that combines GPS with onboard diagnostics offers drivers and fleet operators a host of benefits that can help supercharge safety for the trucks and passenger vehicles that share the road.

Idelic partner

Nationwide, Idelic partner to drive commercial fleet safety

Insurance carriers and commercial fleets have had difficulty managing rising insurance costs. A new partnership between Nationwide and Idelic is looking to change that. Nationwide is partnering with Idelic to help fleet drivers become safer, lower losses and take control of their insurance premiums.

Contractor with equipment

Driving a successful contractor business

Construction is big business—and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Despite current economic pressures, the industry is poised to continue at a steady clip.

truck driver holding radio

Who's in the driver's seat?

The trucking industry grapples with the ongoing labor shortage. Global supply chain issues are fraught with complexity, but so is the driver shortage impacting the trucking industry and the millions of Americans who rely on it to keep life running smoothly.

semi trucks in a row

Large fleet: How value-added services are driving growth

The industry is booming, and companies are upsizing their fleets to meet the increased demand. There’s plenty of competition in this growing insurance market. Here’s how value-added services provide an edge in the quest for market share.

woman sitting in front of a computer

How data drives our decisions

Predictive modeling is already having a major impact on the trucking industry. One prime example is employing data to increase the safety of customers and their fleets, which is paramount.


Tackle these telematics misconceptions

In addition to managing their business, many business owners face added concerns related to the safety of their fleet drivers and vehicles on the road.

Man on the phone standing beside truck

Rapid reporting

Accidents happen, and when you're on the road as often as truck drivers, the odds of one happening increase. Nationwide is here to help. Here's information about why rapidly reporting a large truck accident claim is so important.

semi trucks driving on the highway

Training: It's not just for rookies

The job of driving a commercial motor vehicle requires more skills than most people could imagine. There are many tasks a driver must perform that require training and practice to master.

Person walking to semi truck

Hiring, training and monitoring post COVID-19

Prior to COVID-19, trucking companies were faced with a shortage of drivers that resulted in trucks sitting empty and freight not getting to its destination. There is still a need to find qualified drivers and there are some things to consider with hiring and onboarding drivers as we prepare for a post-COVID 19 world.

car with dash cam on windshield

3 benefits of fleet dash cams for businesses

For businesses that manage a commercial fleet, navigating exposures and controlling loss can be a challenging endeavor.


How telematics can benefit commercial fleets

For many businesses, managing vehicles is a key element of their operations, and these logistics can present a unique set of challenges.


Truth is a defense: Reducing risk in the trucking industry

At Nationwide, we’re here to help. Here is some information that will help you reduce your risk.


Using Risk Management to improve account insurability

From driver recruiting to vehicle maintenance, the Risk Management Services team can help your accounts become more insurable.