Programs: E&S and Specialty Lines

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Teamwork helps build success

If you want to build a new program, we're here to help. Our long history in the program business means we're experts at evaluating program opportunities efficiently and bringing new programs to market. Our team works closely and collaboratively with program managers to provide individualized solutions and profitable results.

Let's lay out the blueprint for your program's future.

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We currently have more than 40 program partners, with relationships spanning more than 30 years.

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Claims handling is crucial to a program's success. We work with our partners to provide the right combination of tools, talent and expertise.

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Our size gives us a distinct advantage over other carriers. We have the capacity and capital you need to grow your program, and the A.M. Best rating of A, FSC XV to back it up.

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Due to our long history in the program business, we're adept at evaluating program opportunities efficiently and providing a smooth integration process.

We understand no two programs are alike, so we work with administrators to provide the specialized tools and resources they need to effectively run their business.

We partner with program managers who are experts within their industry and value a clear appetite and guidelines. Our world-class underwriting team partners with administrators to determine underwriting guidelines that properly address the unique risk factors within each program’s appetite.

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