Farm pens & shed insurance
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Protect the pens, sheds & corrals on your farm

insurance for your farm shed or pen

Pens, sheds, corrals, chutes and feed racks can be protected as part of your farm property insurance policy.

What it covers

Ask your agent

Be sure to talk with your agent about:

Under certain conditions, AgriChoice may provide coverage for collapsed structures. Your policy explains the conditions and causes of loss for which a collapse would be covered.

If you build a new shed, you’ll want to be sure the new building is properly insured. AgriChoice provides $100,000 in coverage on new construction, for 60 days starting at the delivery of building materials.

Act today

Talk to a farm insurance agent about commercial liability and the exposures you may face as your farm or ranch becomes larger and more complex. They may be able to combine a farm or ranch insurance policy with commercial liability and property coverage to give you customized protection for your operation.

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