Farm Tractor Insurance
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Understanding Farm Tractor Insurance

Farm and ranch tractors, combines, sprayers and more can be covered in one of two ways:

When listing equipment individually, be sure the equipment values are accurate and current on your policy. If you are underinsured in a covered loss, you may receive less money than you expect.

AgriChoice® automatically covers tractors and other farm equipment for special causes of loss, meaning reasons for damage are typically covered, unless specifically excluded in the policy.

In addition to causes that may immediately come to mind, such as fire, lightning and wind, AgriChoice also provides coverage for:

  • Damage during towing and hitching
  • Contact with the roadbed or ground
  • Cab glass coverage with no deductible
  • Foreign object damage
  • Borrowed machinery
  • Rented or leased tractors or other equipment

When covered as part of your farm policy, tractors, combines and other equipment are covered for property damage and liability risks whether they are on or off your farm or ranch.

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