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We Make Farm Transition Planning Easier

Whether your farm or ranch has been around for several generations or you’re a first-generation farmer, we’re here to help you plan what happens to your operation after you’re gone.

We'll walk you through the process

We'll walk you through the 5 key elements of transition planning.

To learn more about the Land As Your Legacy program, watch a video about the process.


Nearly 500 farm families have completed a comprehensive Land As Your Legacy transition plan with us. Watch what some of them have to say.


Watch this short video from our emeritus director of the Land As Your Legacy program, Don Schrieber, to learn more about transition planning.


We'll help you have the discussion

We'll help you identify important points of discussion and prioritize your goals. To prepare for your first meeting with us, take advantage of our tools and resources:
Transition Readiness Evaluation
Plan for your first meeting
Sample cases

We'll help you find a solution

Combined with key elements, our transition planning solutions include Nationwide financial products.

Start the discussion

If you're ready to start the discussion about transition planning, please contact a Land As Your Legacy advisor at 1-855-529-2729 or

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