INCOME Promise Select®
Fixed Immediate Annuity
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Offer Customized Retirement Income

From now until 2030, 10,000 baby boomers will retire every day.1 Many are turning to financial advisors for help in managing their retirement income.


Be the one to offer your clients a detailed retirement income plan

Clients want confidence that the income they need for essential living expenses will be there for as long as they need it. Please note that all guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

That's why we created INCOME Promise Select®, a fixed immediate annuity. In exchange for a single lump-sum payment, Nationwide pays a guaranteed income that starts almost immediately (within the first year). The guarantee income can be a solid complement to your client's retirement income portfolio.

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Because of its features, INCOME Promise Select gives them the power to create a guaranteed income stream that is simple to customize. Clients can:

You should know that all guarantees and protections are subject to the issuing insurance company’s ability to pay for them.