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Simplifying Retirement's Biggest Challenges

At the Nationwide Retirement Institute, we break down and simplify the complex retirement challenges that will have the biggest impact on your clients. We provide end-to-end solutions you can use directly with your clients:

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Social Security 360


The wrong Social Security decision could cost your clients more than $300,0001.

Use our Social Security 360 AnalyzerSM tool and other materials to optimize your clients’ social security filing options.

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Women and Investing

Women and Investing

Women control $14 trillion in U.S. wealth2 and are positioned to inherit $25 trillion by the year 20303. By understanding your female clients’ priorities, financial goals and attitudes about retirement, you can build strong relationships that last, reduce the risk she’ll seek out a new advisor and grow your book of business.

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Health Care in Retirement


Four out of five (80%) pre-retirees cannot accurately estimate how much they are likely to need for health care in retirement.

Our Personalized Health Care Cost Assessment provides a customized estimate of your clients’ retirement health care costs, helping you address their funding gaps.

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Long-Term Care


At least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care services and support at some point in their lives; however, only 11% of adults age 55 or older have LTC coverage in place.

Our resources can help you start the difficult conversations with your clients about the need to plan for long-term care. We can help you identify potential solutions that best meet your clients’ unique needs.

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Redefining Retirement Income


Pre-retirees report that a retirement income plan is the most valuable service an advisor can provide them.

Help your clients navigate uncertainty and build a retirement income strategy by using RetireSense®, a proprietary tool that delivers a customized investment and income draw down strategy.

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Economic & Capital Market Insights


An advisor has to stay up to date and informed to meet their clients’ financial planning needs.

Stay current with capital market and economic trends and provide timely advice and guidance to your clients.

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