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Five Ways to Find Cheap Car Insurance

Common-sense ideas will help you find cheap auto insurance in the long run

When you want to find cheap car insurance, it pays to look at more than one company. Rates and coverage will vary from one insurer to another, and the lowest priced insurance may not provide all the coverage you need. Doing a little research up front can be a big help down the road.

1. Comparison shop

You deserve cheap auto insurance, and it’s not hard to find. Get quotes from at least three companies and make an apples-to-apples comparison. Make sure that each quote offers the same coverage and limits. Nationwide has an easy-to-use online auto insurance quote tool that can get you a personalized quote in minutes.

2. Check out the company

As you’re considering companies, find out how long each has been in business, the health of the company and the level of customer satisfaction. Nationwide ranks high with its customers. Read the auto insurance reviews online to get the full picture.

3. Look for perks

With an established insurance company, you won't have to sacrifice service when you buy insurance at a good price. With Nationwide, you'll get:

4. Ask about discounts

Discounts could lower your rate significantly – be sure to ask which are available to you. At Nationwide if you’ve been accident free or have an anti-theft device on your vehicle, you may find cheap car insurance at a discounted rate. And if you belong to an affiliated organization or if your teen driver gets good grades, you may save even more.

5. Adjust the policy

If the quoted car insurance rates are out of your price range, see if you can lower the rate by making some small changes in the coverage. A higher deductible on your vehicle will help you find cheap car insurance, but if you were to file a claim, you might have to pay more out-of-pocket expenses. If your vehicle is old or has very high mileage, consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage, which helps protect your car. However, if you have an at-fault accident, you would have to pay for any damages

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