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Practice Fleet Safety With Smart Risk From Driver's Alert

fleet safety driving discountsNationwide works with Driver's Alert to give policyholders access to an enterprise fleet safety management system that includes pre-hire screening, GPS monitoring, corrective training and driving safety tools.

Driver's Alert's comprehensive fleet safety management, analysis and reporting tools help professionals improve safety, accountability, visibility, and their bottom line. Uniting senior executives, risk managers, fleet safety professionals, HR staff and others on one common system improves efficiency, clarifies communication and delivers enterprise-wide benefits that make the Driver’s Alert solution a smart investment for everyone.

Smart Risk: driver risk management

With Smart Risk, you can identify high-risk behaviors, trends and employees with one integrated, online platform. Improve driver safety and performance using a complete array of technologies – on-the-road monitoring; real-time, in-vehicle feedback; corrective training; and more.

Driver's Alert product suite

Smart Telematics
Partnering with Geotab, Driver's Alert offers the most advanced vehicle telematics hardware available – the same device driving major improvements in many of today's largest fleets. It's like putting a supervisor inside every vehicle.

Smart Watch
Since 1989, Driver’s Alert has been a leader in decal-based driver observation programs. At the core of this program is its safety-focused, 24/7/365 call center based in South Florida.

Smart Cell
Mobile devices are a source of liability when your employees are behind the wheel. Enforce a distracted driving policy with the Smart Cell distracted driving app. Our fully customizable solution allows you to block text messages, whitelist approved telephone numbers, prevent web browsing and more.

Smart Training
Driver's Alert doesn't just help you monitor drivers and identify risks, it also allows you to move seamlessly to corrective actions, including giving you unlimited access to the industry's most robust online safety training course library for one low, fixed rate.

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