Flu Pandemic Preparedness

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Plan for the Next Flu Pandemic and Prevent Presenteeism

flu pandemic preventionWhile most businesses cover their property in case of catastrophic fire or weather, many fail to plan for pandemic illness and the entity it affects most – their people. Now is the time to consider how to minimize infections among staff, prepare for a temporarily reduced workforce, and lessen the effect of other business interruptions.

Prevention and planning

In the absence of a vaccine, prevention is the first line of defense during a pandemic. To lessen the spread of the flu and its potential impact on your enterprise, share these important health tips with your employees:

Discourage presenteeism

To prove their value to the company, employees will often work through illness. But "presenteeism," or working while sick, actually does more harm than good and can cost your business quite a bit in lost productivity.

Be prepared to counter well-intended presenteeism with clear, reasonable guidelines. Review attendance and paid-time-off policies to ensure they don't pressure sick employees to report for work. And set a good example by staying home when you’re ill.

Keep in mind that widespread absenteeism and the resulting lost productivity are not covered by standard business policies. And many business interruption insurance policies will not cover business owners for flu-related losses.

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