General liability insurance for martial arts schools
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Liability insurance for martial arts

Kung Fu. Jiu Jitsu. Karate. These are just a few of the popular martial arts practices that both children and adults find useful for self-defense, fitness and even self-confidence. While teaching these valuable skills, make sure you and your martial arts school are protected.

Why martial arts insurance?

If you're running a martial arts school or program, you’re teaching your students vital skills they might need to defend themselves. But if something goes wrong, do you have what you need to protect your business from being undercut?

Nationwide’s Specialty Liability Insurance for Martial Arts Schools and Programs provides liability protection for schools that specialize in teaching the martial arts.

How does martial arts liability insurance protect your business?

We’ll protect your program, employees and volunteers from bodily injury and property damage claims which result from accidents that happen in the course of your operations.

We cover several other aspects of liability, including your premises, products and advertising. We offer zero-deductibles on liability claims.

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