GrouProtector Agent Appointment Process

Get Appointed with Nationwide® and Add GrouProtector to your Agency

Expand your offerings with GrouProtector participant accident insurance. These policies from Nationwide Innovative Solutions offer accident medical insurance for participants and staff of amateur sports teams and other kinds of events and organizations.

It's a simple process to get appointed. Just complete the required documents and submit them via email or postal mail.

Required documents

You'll need to submit copies of 2 personal documents you already have, plus completed Appointment Forms you can download below.

Your personal documents:

Appointment Forms:

Appointment Request Form

Agency Agreement

Business Associate Agreement

Note: While not all of our plans fall under HIPAA guidelines, we do have some that include a medical component. In order to be in compliance when and if an agent sells one of those plans, we ask that this form be signed by all our producers.

Direct Deposit Form

Note: Commissions are paid on a monthly basis only by direct deposit. Commissions are deposited to your bank no later than the second business day of the month. (Availability of funds may vary by individual bank.) Commission statements are available on your secure website the first business day of each month. You will receive login information shortly after your appointment is complete. If you choose not to sign up for direct deposit, commissions will accumulate and a check will be mailed to you after the last commission cycle of the year.

Submission instructions

Send copies of your 2 personal documents AND your completed Appointment Forms via email or postal mail.

Once we receive all of your information, the appointment process generally takes 14 to 17 business days. If you have any questions on your appointment status, please email us at, or call 888-674-0385, option 2, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET weekdays.

For questions about available products, please email us at, or call our Service Center at 800-525-8669, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET weekdays.

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