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Help protect your employees by offering LegalGUARD

We all work hard to make the right choices for the people we care about, especially when it comes to legal and financial matters.

By offering the legal insurance plan*, LegalGUARD, you're helping to provide peace of mind and protection for your employees when it matters most. LegalGUARD members have access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience who are matched to meet specific legal needs. Members also get paid-in-full coverage on most legal matters, as well as personal guidance and coaching.

LegalGUARD plans are customizable

A LegalGUARD plan can be customized to fit your needs and offers a wide range of services:

LegalGUARD provides a valuable service

There are a number of reasons why LegalGUARD is so attractive to employees:

Nationwide and LegalEASE

For more than 40 years, LegalEASE has established one of the oldest and most comprehensive networks of attorneys in the legal industry. With more than 17,000 participating plan attorneys, LegalEASE specializes in matching attorneys specific to client needs, when it matters most.

We've partnered with LegalEASE to provide members with solutions that offer support and protection from unexpected legal issues. At Nationwide, we put our members first, because we don't have shareholders.

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