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How much does ATV insurance cost?

how much is atv insurance

With low coverage limits and a good driving record, even a brand-new, full-size ATV can generally be inexpensive to insure. However, like most insurance, the cost to insure an all-terrain vehicle varies widely because there are so many factors to consider.

Factors that go into an ATV insurance quote

  1. Vehicle type (utility, sport or 4x4). Utility vehicles are the least expensive to insure, because they are primarily used for work. 4x4 vehicles cost the most to insure because they can go pretty much go anywhere.[1]
  2. Year, make, model and engine size. As you’d expect, insurance for a used vehicle with a small engine will generally cost less than a new vehicle with a large engine.
  3. Coverage options. At the very least, you’ll need liability coverage for your ATV, which is required in most states when it is licensed for on-road usage. In addition to liability coverage, you’ll probably want to consider other ATV coverages, such as collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured or underinsured ATV coverage and an OEM endorsement. The cost is also influenced by the coverage limits and deductibles you choose.
  4. Ages of riders. Some insurance companies have minimum age requirements, and most will charge a higher rate for younger riders.
  5. Driving history. Have you had any accidents, violations or claims in the past 5 years?
  6. Security and safety features and programs. A discount may be available if your ATV has a professionally-installed radio or GPS theft-recovery system, or a factory-installed anti-lock braking system (ABS). A discount may also be available if you take an ATV safety course.

ATV insurance discounts

In addition to affordable rates, Nationwide offers a number of ATV insurance discounts, such as a multi-vehicle discount, a multi-policy discount and an ATV safety course discount.

Getting an ATV insurance quote

The best way to figure out how much insurance will cost for your ATV is to get a quote.

For a free ATV insurance quote from Nationwide, call 1-877-669-6877 or visit the ATV insurance section of our website and enter your zip code to begin the process.

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