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Manage Your Personal Finances with Nationwide Online Banking

Keeping tabs on your personal finances is an incredibly important part of life. With online banking from Nationwide, it can be a surprisingly easy part too. Our personal finance management tool allows you to monitor your financial wellness by helping you set budgets, plan goals to aspire to, and watch your spending among all accounts, even those outside Nationwide. We’ll show you all the ways it comes in handy.

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Personal Finance Management Tool Dashboard Transactions Budgets Goals Investments

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How to get a big-picture look at your finances 

With the Dashboard, you can easily take the pulse of your financial health and make sure you’re on target with where you want to be. The left column displays your accounts (with us, and elsewhere) and a total balance by category. You’ll see a sum for your banking accounts and another total for credit cards and any other account types you’ve added. 

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How to hold yourself more financially accountable

The Transactions tab gives you a comprehensive look at your deposits, card activity, and checks you’ve written. You can filter transactions by account type or date and also create categories such as “Health & Lifestyle” and “Food & Dining” so you can see track where your money’s really going. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can break these down into subcategories and create pie charts or bar graphs to understand your spending habits within the Analysis tab.

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How to track your spending against your budget 

This could be for major events like a wedding or simply to keep your entertainment budget in check. In the Budgets tab, create a “Wedding” or “Entertainment” subcategory and then type in your budget. It’ll automatically track all related expenses as well as the income coming in as you tag them by category in the Transactions tab.

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How to save money for the dream vacation

Are you planning a big vacation with friends? Quick getaways to Austin or perhaps Napa, or maybe even jet setting to London or Tuscany? You can set aside money for your goals in the Goals tab. Here you’ll enter the amount you’ll need to save, the date of the event you are saving for, and the bank account you’ll be using to fund it. You can also link your checking account and allocate a certain percentage of it toward your goal. Use this function to help you save for all your dreams such as a down payment for a house or tuition for a master’s degree.

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How to determine your net worth

It’s helpful to understand how your investments fit into your broader financial picture. The Investments screen aggregates things that aren’t a part of your monthly cash flow, but play a big role in your finances. These include the value of your assets such as your home, CDs, mutual funds and 401(k), and they can be used to calculate your net worth.

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